Quickly see what needs doing

Struggling to remember where your hives are and what tasks need doing?

With our Digital Dashboards, everyone is kept up to date and knows what to do.

  • Hive records synchronised between all teams.
  • Push out weekly work schedules to each team.
  • Track progress on the multi-team work planner.

Stop chasing the phone

Admin is boring

Sick of spending hours updating whiteboards or spreadsheets that are always out of date?

Save an hour a day with no paperwork to chase.

  • Create your own standardised job templates.
  • Apiary records are entered once while at the site.
  • Quickly change the plan with our drag and drop work planner.

Turn mounds of data into addressable insights.

Do you have shelves full of hive records collecting dust that would take you hours or even days to find any valuable information from?

In-depth reporting instantly turns your data into business intelligence.

  • Real-time hive numbers and apiary health statuses.
  • Track key seasonal performance indicators.
  • Review consumable usage and apiary management cost.
  • Identify and eliminate poorly performing sites.

Gain business insight

The bee app your staff will actually use

Manage your team even when you are not there.

  • Achieve higher staff accountability without micro-managing by allowing you to see things like if your staff even went to site.  
  • All your Hive, Site and landowner records kept in one central place.
  • Inventory with equipment traceability helps contain the spread of disease with our RDIF identification system.

  • Always Audit-ready, with compliant record keeping. 

Keep better records

Try MyApiary free for 30 days

We have a plan for every size business.
No credit card required. 

  • Digital Dashboards
  • Job scheduler
  • Apiary Records
  • Consumable Tracking
  • Sites & Landowner records
  • Contact Management
  • In-Depth reporting


  • Limit 1 user
  • In-app support
  • 9-5 Phone Support


All Sideliner Plan Features


  • Multi Teamwork planner
  • Resource management
  • Yield tracking




  • In-app support
  • 9-5 Phone Support



All Commercial Plan Features
  • Multi-regions
  • Asset tracking

Coming soon

  • Timesheets
  • Honey Inventory
  • Offline Maps
  • Vehicle Tracking


  • In-app support
  • 9-5 Phone Support

You are in Good Company

We're proud of helping the best companies deliver results.

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From a small/medium operator with 1200-1500 hives the MyApiary team have listened to what is most important and focused on getting the basics sorted. The software allows us to customise the level of detail we input meaning that as our team becomes more confident about what information is important we can adapt and become more strategic about the information we capture. This approach allowed the software to be introduced gradually and staff were not intimidated.

Stu Ferguson - Hunter Reily

I flipping love MyApiary.

At first, I was against it as I had my own system but I didn't realise how much time I was wasting trying to work out where I was at each week until I started using MyApiary. I was spending half a day in the office. Now I just have a quick look at a report and can get on with the week. Anyone with over 1000 hives should be using MyApairy.

Cory Walton - Central honey

MyApiary is a user-friendly system of recording data, generating reports, and understanding costs. this alone saves me 3 to 4 hours a day.

Pou Stubbing - Mossops Honey

MyApiary is an all in one system that does away with the old fashioned paper-based system that every beekeeper tends to use. its user friendly and mostly idiot-proof

James Schmitt - Manuka Mountain

I’m using MyApiary because it is easy to use and its reporting and scheduling features save me anywhere from 6 to 8 hours a week.

Johnathan Milner - Rainbow Honey

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