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Eliminate Paper Work

Stop looking in the rearview mirror, Digital work planner eliminates the need to chase paperwork.

  • Save up to an hour a day with no paperwork to chase.
  • All apiary records entered while on site.
  • Drag and drop work planner.

Save an hour a day

Improve Organisational Communication

Everyone is kept up to date and operating from the same plan.

  • Site records syncronised between teams.
  • Push out updated work schedules.
  • Digital dashboards to view progress.

Stop chasing the phone
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Work Smarter not Harder

Reporting turns your data into business intelligence.

  • Track consumable usage and cost.
  • Real-time apiary hive health status.
  • Identify poorly performing sites.

Gain business insight

Reduce your Business Risk

Stop knowledge walking out the door.

  • Site and landowner arrangements all kept in one place.
  • GREX compliant record keeping, Always Audit-ready
  • Track equipment and contain the spread of disease with our identify system.

Keep better records
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Flexible Plans

Pick a plan that meets your needs.

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100 -500 Hives
  • 1 Owner Operator
  • Up to 20 Apiaries
  • In-app support
500 - 3500 Hives
  • 1  Owner Operator 
  • Add Feild Teams - Limit 3
  • Unlimited apiaries
  • In-app support
  • 9-5 Phone support
3500+ Hives
  • Ulimited Administrative users
  • Ulimited field teams
  • Ulimited apiaries
  • In-app support
  • 9-5 Phone support
  • On-site training

You are in Good Company

We're proud of helping the best companies deliver results.

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From a small/medium operator with 1200-1500 hives the MyApiary team have listened to what is most important and focused on getting the basics sorted. The software allows us to customise the level of detail we input meaning that as our team becomes more confident about what information is important we can adapt and become more strategic about the information we capture. This approach allowed the software to be introduced gradually and staff were not intimidated.

Stu Ferguson - Hunter Reily

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