MyApiary Manager™ works as a complete operations management ecosystem for commercial beekeepers. At the core of Manager™ is our job management systems with in-depth reporting, allowing you to easily manage resource and track key performance indicators across your entire operation.

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Offline Tablet App

All your information available to you while not in cellular service.

  • Capture data while offline and see it upload it when connectivity re-established.
  • App allows for use of maps online and offline while in the field.
  • See and update your schedule while in the apiary.
  • Schedule when next you need to visit a site and what needs doing.

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Site Location/Mapping

Record the location of all your sites, Sites and job location shown on the map.
Receive turn by turn navigation to site via google maps.

  • Visual indication of site type for empty sites.
  • Record Apiary and Gate entry locations separately.
  • GPS coordinates to 5 decimal places, (1m resolution).
  • Arrange site into run groups or floral groups.
  • Add sites on the tablet using GPS, all while offline in the field.

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Use a load barrier system? Manage your loads as a single identity (Optional).

  • Record inputs at the load level.
  • Trace load movement from site to site. 
  • Review Load load performance. 
  • Record the health of each hive in a load.


Fully customizable tasks allow you to continue to record work the way you know works for you. Allowing you to keep records using the terms and processes specific to your organisation.

  • Customizable task and job cards allow to 
    • Completed yes/no questions.
    • Counts such as how many splits made, the number of cells in mating nucs etc, etc 
    • Record consumable usage like sugar, pollen, varroa treatment, queens etc.

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Hive makeup and strength

Measure hive and apiary performance over time (hive strength, hive counts, honey supers, etc).

  • Choose your hive configuration Lifted boxes/Top spits.
    Standard setup [Tripple, Doubles, single, nucs, gaps].
  • Rate the apiary hive strength from Strong, Medium, Weak to Dead.

Apiary Observations

As part of the process to complete a job, record any observations made while on site. 

  • Record the following observations and more.
    • Disease sightings.
    • Varroa threshold counts.
    • Hive death reason.
    • Requeening, tracking of loss reasons.
    • Floral sources and what percentage open they are.

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Leave notes on sites or job cards to get into the nitty-gritty of what's actually going on. 

  • Put a note about how to access the site.
  • Use a note to let the next person know if any equipment was left on site.
  • Record more complex information about a hive.

Work Planner

Schedule site visits for you or your teams and easily reschedule if your plans change. Drop-in jobs with reminders to bring equipment for or complete a task by a certain date.

  • Multiteam, drag and drop work planner.
  • Plan as far ahead as you want, or plan on the day.
  • Allow your teams or team leaders to plan their week for themselves and track their progress.

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Reporting dashboard

Visually see trends at a glance, a pre-made graphical dashboard gives you a snapshot view of where your apiary business is at.

  • See your hive count and strength trend over the year.
  • See how many honey supers are currently on hives.
  • See what diseases have been reported when. 
  • See how many hives are dying throughout the year and what from.
  • See how many jobs are completed month by month.

Staff accountability (Tracking)

Have the ability to see what your teams are achieving in a day or even a week. Tracking enables you to ensure that teams are using MyApiary correctly and that they are doing the job right.

  • Automatically capture GPS location of where job cards are completed.
  • Track everything that is happening in your business. Where are your staff? Are they doing the job they are being paid to do? How efficient are they?

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Queen Rearing

Track how your queen rearing is performing down to specific queens lines. Easily capture key data for each graft (breeder queen, cells, duration).

  • Track successful rates.
  • Track breeder queen lines.
  • Track losses at and between different stages.
  • Track queen lines through apiary sites and for how long they have been there.

Customizable reports

Fine-tune your reporting so that you can see the nitty-gritty specifics on anything. Custom reports so you can drill down to exactly what you need.

  • how much a team costs by how much of each consumable they use.
  • What does a specific site cost?
  • What sites are using the most sugar?
  • What site has the highest honey yield?
  • What floral sources are in flower history at different times of the year.
  • Where are hives dying?
  • See what sites have and have not been visited recently.
  • Anything you record, MyApiary can make a report on it.

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Using teams within MyApiary allows you to not only plan better but work smarter. Each team has their own user/login meaning that planning and performance tracking can be tracked at a team level.

  • MyApiary user's teams so you know what's going on at a closer level.
  • Use a manager user to schedule work for each team on the fly.
  • Track how much work each team got done in a day.

Site and Landowner Management

Keep track of site and landowner relationships with all your site and landowner information in one place. 

  • Record information like;
    • Up to date contact information.
    • Site registration number.
    • What floral sources are available.
    • Specific notes like who to contact prior to each visit.

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Assets Tracking

Use RFID tags or Barcodes to account for all your equipment, track historic hive and box movements. Traceback possible disease movement when finding an outbreak.

  • Assign asset types hives, suppers, brood boxes.
  • Assign usage types hive, nuc, honey, broodbox.
  • Track yield and performance with individual box weights at extraction.


Everything ever done is logged and easily accessed in both the app and the desktop applications.

  • See when sites were visited.
  • See what was done last time a site was visited.
  • Access everything that has ever happened on a site.
  • Find hot spots that have good yield or are consuming more consumables than average or have high losses.

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